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Top Highest Paying Jobs in India

Know about the highest paying jobs in India and their salary.

Highest Paying Jobs in India

Are you interested to know about the highest paying jobs in India? We have covered the top professions from various fields to earn enough money to lead a good lifestyle. Keep reading this article!

Highest Paying Jobs in India

Getting the top highest paying jobs in India is everyone’s dream. In the scenario of developing India some of the professions are lucrative both in terms of money and experience.

After investing money and time in education it is everyone’s dream to start a career that pays well. However in this competitive market it is not easy to get the dream job without any effort. There are many options you can choose to start your career in the profession you are interested in. But here we will make things easier to get the idea about the best jobs available in India.

We have listed some of the highest paying jobs in India here that can help you to get the top salary and live a happy lifestyle.

India is a developing country where various jobs are available in industries like; Technology, Telecomm, Medical, Finance, Marketing, and other. There are some of the top paid professions in these fields. But it is true that the salary of a job depends upon the industry you are working with. After reading this guide you will get the idea about it.

There are mainly three types of jobs; Private Sector Jobs, Government Jobs, and Own Business.

To work in a private company there are many sectors like; IT, Telecom, Textile, Business Management, Marketing and others.

There are some prestigious and high salary government jobs in India for which you need to crack various competitive exams like; UPSC, SSC, IBPS Banking, Railway, Insurance and others.

There are also other professions like self owned business or consultation offices like; Doctors, Chartered Accountant, Lawyer and others.

Highest Paying Jobs in India

We have mentioned about the highest paying jobs available in India with salary details.

JobSalary (Lakh Per Annum)
Data Scientist10 LPA
Artificial Intelligence Specialist6-15 LPA
Blockchain Developer6 LPA
Full Stack Developer6 LPA
Doctor5-10 LPA
Investment Banker5 LPA
Chartered Accountant7 LPA
Marketing Manager7 LPA
Civil Services6.5 LPA
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