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US troops killed in Jordan in a drone attack by Iran-backed groups

US troops killed: 3 soldiers died, and 25 were injured in a drone attack by Iran-backed militant groups.


Tower 22 is the exact location in Jordan where the attack took place.

In the wake of a recent drone attack that resulted in the death of American troops in Jordan, United States officials will respond actively against Iran. The attack, which targeted a US military base, Tower 22, has raised concerns about Iran’s increasing aggression in the region. The Tower 22 is in Northern Jordan, near the border with Syria.

The US Army lost 3 soldiers, and dozens were injured in this drone attack. It is the first time the US troops have been killed by the enemy since the commencement of the Gaza war.

US President Joe Biden replied that Iran-backed militants made the attack. He also added the US would respond soon.

Iran has denied any involvement with this attack.

The US Officials are advocating for a range of measures to be taken against Iran. These include imposing tough economic sanctions, increasing military presence in the region, and even considering military strikes if necessary. They argue that such actions are necessary to deter Iran from future attacks and to protect American lives.

US officials confirmed that at least 34 army personnel were seriously injured and evacuated for treatment.

The drone attack on the US troops in Jordan has highlighted the growing threat posed by Iran’s proxy forces in the region. These groups, supported and armed by Iran, have been responsible for numerous attacks on American and coalition forces in recent years. 

The US bases in Iraq and Syria were the targets for the past months. More than 158 attacks were made on US bases and were unsuccessful.

US Officials believe that a strong response against Iran will not only protect US troops but also send a clear message to other countries that support or harbour Iranian-backed militias.