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Bhopal-Delhi Vande Bharat Coach  on Fire in MP

The fire broke out in Bhopal-Delhi Vande Bharat Express near Kurwai Station due to a spark in a battery, and all passengers were safely rescued.

Bhopal-Delhi Vande Bharat Coach on Fire in MP

A fire broke out in the C-14 coach of Vande Bharat Express heading from Madhya Pradesh to New Delhi on Monday morning. The train set out on its journey from Bhopal at 5.40 am on Monday. The fire broke out before reaching Bina Railway Station. Approximately 20-22 passengers were present in that coach when the incident took place. 

The incident took place around 8 am at Kurwai Kethora station in Madhya Pradesh, and all the passengers were rescued. No report of injuries has not come out yet. The local fire brigade team arrived at the spot and put out the flames. Local villagers residing near Kurwai Kethora also aided the fire brigade team in combating the fire. 

One of the passengers shared his experience, saying, “I heard the sound of fire emanating from beneath my seat in the C-14 coach. When the train stopped, I witnessed the battery box ablaze. Upon informing the guard, we all disembarked with our belongings.” 

“Fire was limited to battery box only, and fire is extinguished. The battery box is located in the underwear, relatively away from the passenger area. As the incident occurred, electrical safety systems isolated the batteries. Fire extinguished, and defective batteries are taken out. The train is ready to move,” said Railway Officials. The Official said the blaze was under control, and all the passengers remained safe.

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