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How to Get more Subscribers on YouTube

The most common question of a YouTuber nowadays is, “How to get more subscribers on YouTube”. That's why here we have guided you to gain YouTube subscribers. Keep reading this article!

How to get more subscriber on YouTube

If you are a YouTuber and wish to make money from YouTube, you have to make sure that you improve your subscribers. For example, if you have an active YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers, you can still monetize the account. Thus, when you have more subscribers, you will be able to improve your income from YouTube. The higher it goes, the more your views get, and the better the revenue will be.

So, if you want to know how to get YouTube subscribers, then the best answer would be to keep posting amazing content. Remember that your subscriber count is the only thing that will compel brands to contact you. Some of the most crucial YouTube algorithms are watch time, engagement and play counts.

So, without any further talking, let us find out more about how to get more subscribers on YouTube for free.

Tips on How to get more Subscribers on YouTube for Free

If you are just planning to start, you can check this guide to find out more. We will talk about some of the simplest and most authentic ways to improve your subscribers.

1. Don’t Forget to Request your Viewers to Subscribe:

When we say request, it does not mean that you have to plead. However, you can always make sure to ask the viewers to subscribe to your account. This is one of the straightforward solutions to your question “How to get more subscribers on YouTube”. Also, it is the simplest way to increase your subscriber count.

Even when they are your loyal viewers, sometimes you just have to keep reminding them about subscribing. Does asking to subscribe make you sound like you are pleading? Yes, it can be if you keep asking for it frequently. The best and the most authentic way is to remind them after you have completed the video or while you are starting.

Note that you should not keep telling the same thing repeatedly in the video. Doing this can take your viewers down.

2. Keep the Excitement intact by giving a Rough Idea about the Next Video:

To your question about how to gain YouTube subscribers, it is always a good choice to lighten the excitement. Someone who is watching your video content is also someone who takes an interest in it. So, giving a hint of the next video can be a great choice.

It is a way to tease your viewers. Remember how you keep waiting for the next part of your favourite movie? But how much excitement arises when you check the teaser? So, just like that, if you want to improve your subscribers, you have to offer a hint about the upcoming video.

So, let your viewers know about the upcoming content. Also, don’t forget to keep the schedule planned for the videos.

3. Keep an Interactive Tone:

You will find that videos getting the most views have a very interactive tone. When you create relationships with the viewers, you are likely to improve your subscriber count.

You have to be very responsive to the comments that you get in the video. If you can make good content, you never know that you might get seen by a famous YouTuber or celebrity.

So, it is advisable to create a lot of interactive content in a friendly tone. Also, do not take any comment lightly and answer every question your viewers have.

4. Create a Thumbnail for every YouTube Video and Logo for the Channel:

One of the first things that your viewers will watch is the thumbnail. So, do not take the thumbnail or logo lightly. Since your viewers would like to take a view of everything in the very first go, it is always advisable to create a thumbnail properly. This is one of the most important solutions of how to increase views and subscribers on youtube.

Even you must know that your logo is a reflection of your brand. So make sure that you create a logo properly to let your viewers and subscribers know that you have posted a video just by watching the logo.

Also, the thumbnail is extremely vital as it will immediately let them know about the content they will view.

5. Promote Videos on the End Screen:

Now that you have completed the video, it is time for you to show the other videos as well. Creating a playlist of relevant videos can make it easier and clickable.

Since your viewers take an interest in your genre, they might like your next videos as well. Choosing to show the next videos on the end screen increases the number of views. So make sure to add the link to the related video. This is one of the smartest promotional techniques and answers to follow on “how to get more subscribers on YouTube”.


So, after reading this short and descriptive guide, hopefully, you have got an answer to the question: how to grow YouTube subscribers? Every YouTuber wants a definite solution on how to increase followers on youtube. Remember that these are some of the most effective and authentic ways to yield the best results from your YouTube videos.

However, the major thing about improving subscribers count always revolves around creating amazing quality content. So, keep posting to improve your views and subscribers. 

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