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How to Check VI (Vodafone Idea) Data Balance, Usage, SMS Validity via WhatsApp, Vi App and USSD codes

The Step by Step Techniques to Check VI Data Balance, Usage, SMS Validity using USSD, VI APP, WhatsAppand more.

Check VI data balance

Here are the different techniques on how to check vi data balance, usage and validity through USSD, Vi App, WhatsApp and more.

The quickest method is to dial *199# from your phone keypad and check your recharge balance.

Vodafone is among the largest telecom operators in India, which is a combination of Vodafone and Idea. This telecom operator holds more than 25% of the market share. With the growth of subscribers of this telecom operator, especially in India, they have made sure to provide every convenience you need.

As prepaid connections are constantly on the rise, people are also looking forward to checking their balance every time they make a call. There are several techniques that the operator has provided to its users to check their balance. As it can be perplexing for any new users, we have listed all the different ways That you can choose to check your balance.

How to Check Vodafone Idea (Vi) Main Balance Check

The operator has provided two separate methods to check your primary balance of the Vodafone idea. Either you can use their Vi app, or you might choose the USSD code provided by the operator. This will help you to check the numbers and keep track of your balance.

Using USSD Code

One of the most common and ancient methods chosen by the operator is the USSD code. These are primarily chosen so that people with different kinds of phones can get access and instantly check their balance. These are the shortcuts for balance checks.

  • *121# – Using this code from your phone can help you to check your Vodafone balance. All you need is to simply dial the numbers, and it will instantly pop up the information.
  • *199*21# – This is another USSD code provided by the operator, which you can use to check the main Vodafone balance. While the other code will just give you information about your balance, with this USSD code, you will be able to find accurate information about the validity and balance left with your number.

Using Vi App

If you are using a smartphone, now you can instantly find the details of your balance in a few steps. The Vodafone Idea has its own application developed to help every customer get all the details about their balance and validity. So following are the steps you can perform to check your balance from your Vi app.

  • To download the Vi app, you need to install the application from the play store. So launch the Google play store application and then search for the app.
  • Tap on the install button and let the app download on your phone.
  • After the app has been downloaded, launch it by tapping on the icon.
  • Log in using your phone number, and you will instantly receive an OTP. Make sure that you correctly type the OTP received.
  • Once you are on the home screen, you will instantly get information on the validity and Balance available.

How to Check Vodafone Idea (Vi) Data Balance

The Internet is one of the prime reasons for choosing the Vodafone Idea. It is one of the fastest 4G network operators that provide you access to speed and convenience. However, if you want to check your data balance, the operator again has different procedures available.

Using USSD Code

Similar to checking your balance, now you can use the same USSD code for keeping track of your data balance. You will instantly get accurate numbers.

*199*2*2#- Using this USSD code, you will be able to get information about the data balance with your number.

Using App:

The Vi app available on the play store will let you get access to all the information you need about your balance. As we have mentioned above, you need to follow a similar process to download and log in to the version on the app. You will get detailed information of both Call and data balance on the home screen, specially on the left side.

How to Check Vi Balance through WhatsApp?

The Vodafone idea has made every possible way to provide convenience to its users. Now you can easily check your balance on WhatsApp using a prepaid mobile number. Following are the steps that you need to perform.

  • Add 9654297000 to your contact.
  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the number to chat.
  • Write Hi or Hello and send it.
  • You will instantly get an automated message with different options from where you need to choose Balance.
  • You will need to confirm for which number you need the information for
  • Once you have sent it, you will receive OTP on the register number and must enter it.
  • Once done, you can check all the details of the data pack, Balance, plan, validity, data, rollover, and a lot more.

How to Check Vi Balance Online using Vi Website?

If you are not willing to download any application on your phone, you can also check your balance from the Vi website. Look for the following procedures.

  • Visit www.myvi.in.
  • Choose Sign-in from the top right side.
  • Enter your number to log in.
  • Correctly tap the OTP numbers you receive on the number.
  • Once you are logged in, you can check all the details of your balance, validity, data and everything.
  • Choose Main balance and get the information.

List of All Vodafone Idea (Vi) USSD Codes for Vodafone balance check number

No.USSD CodesPurpose
1*199*5*6#Offers on SMS Recharge
2*199*5*5#     Offers on International Roaming Recharge
3*199*5*4#     Offers on Data Recharge
4*199*5*3#     Offers on Combo Recharge
5*199*5*2#     Offers on Unlimited Recharge Pack
6*199*3*3#     Change or Activate Caller Tune
7*199*3*5#     Get credit loan on Emergency Talktime
8*199*2*4#     Last 3 VAS Deduction
9*199*2*3#     Last 3 SMS and Call Details
10*199*4#         Get Vi
11*199*3*2#     Deactivate Vodafone VAS
12*199*3*1#     Activate Vodafone VAS
13*199*1*8#     Offers on Roaming, SMS and Voice
14*199*1*7#     Recharge offers
15*199*1*6#     Chota Credit
16*199*1*3#     Offers on 2G/3G/4G
17*199*2*2#     Internet Balance check
18*199*2*1#     Main Balance check
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