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Mission 2047: Modi’s 10th Independence Day Speech at Red Fort

Narendra Modi’s 10th Independence Day Speech at Red Fort.


Like his previous Independence Day Speeches this year, also he made a speech for 90 minutes. He laid emphasis on youth, women, cultivators, and the small and medium sectors.  

He is a good orator, yet he paused throughout his speech, and the switch from ‘Mere Pyare deshwasiyo ‘ to ‘ mere pyare parivar janon’ appeared forced. He said with high confidence that he would be back at the Red Fort ramparts in the next year to deliver the speech on Independence Day.

This year while delivering the Independence Day speech, he focused on the global audience. In a year that India holds the G-20 Presidentship, Modi has told the world that India is the voice of the Global and India is a safe and secure destination. Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort, PM Modi said that he had taken forward the issue of women-led development in G-20, where it had received a lot of support. In his speech, he emphasised India’s economic growth, and its position is now 5th globally.

Underlining the importance of women-led development, PM Narendra Modi said, “ Today, we are working on women’s self-help groups with the aim of creating two crore Lakhpati Didis. While promoting the potential of our women’s power, women-led development and when I have taken forward the issues of women-led development in  G-20, the G-20 Group is accepting the importance and giving it a lot of support.”

In an attempt to reach out to the economically marginalised and socially backward community before the 2024 Lok Sabha election, Prime Minister Modi declared two new initiative schemes- Vishwakarma Yojna, a new scheme with an outlay of Rs 13,000 crore to Rs 15,000 crore and Lakhpati Didi under which scheme two crore women will be provided training and the women can earn at least 1 lakh annually after that training.

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