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PM Modi Delighted by X user’s spoof video showing him dancing on stage

PM Modi lauds and shared an X user post featuring an AI-generated meme video showing him dancing and walking on a stage. Earlier in the day, a similar kind of video of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee was seen on X user's handle, while Kolkata Police sent a notice to the users.


The spoof video shows PM Modi walking and dancing on stage while a background Bengali song is played. PM Modi shares the AI-generated video and appreciates the X users.

Earlier, a similar kind of spoof happened with Mamata Banerjee while the Kolkata Police sent notices to the users.

The AI-generated meme video shows PM Modi dressed in a full-sleeved white shirt and an orange waistcoat, entering the stage, walking and dancing to a song while the crowd cheered for him.

Amid the Lok Sabha election, there have been several spoof videos of popular political leaders shared on social media. On Monday, May 6, a similar kind of spoof video of PM Modi goes viral on X.

The X user named Krishna with the handle @Atheist_Krishna posted the AI-generated video of PM Modi on his own handle.

The user Krishna writes, “Posting this video cuz I know that ‘THE DICTATOR’ is not going to get me arrested for this.”

After watching the video Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the user and said he enjoyed the video like others.

“Like all of you, I also enjoyed seeing myself dance. Such creativity in peak poll season is truly a delight! #PollHumour”, PM Modi replied at X.

Earlier this day, X users shared a similar AI-generated video of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, following which Kolkata Police sent notices and directed the users to disclose their identity.

“You are directed to immediately disclose your identity including name and residence. If the information sought is not revealed, you shall be liable for legal action u/s 42 CrPC. Cyber PS, Lalbazar, Kolkata, Ph no: 033-22143000,”, the Kolkata Police post on X.

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