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North Korea Fires Unanonymous ballistic missile off Eastern Coasts

North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile toward the East Coast, the 12th launch this year.

North Korea Fires Unanonymous ballistic missile

North  Korea fired an unspecified ballistic missile towards the Eastern Coast on Wednesday, and no further detection regarding the ballistic missile has not yet been provided. The missile is considered a weapon with a medium to longer range. Previously North Korea fired a ballistic missile on 15 June.

Pyongyang fired the ballistic missile amidst the tensions caused by North Korea’s allegation against US Spy aircraft operation earlier this week, a news agency reported. The launching of ballistic missiles had come off when North Korea alleged against the US military activities.

Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that North Korea censured the United States for illegally flying over the economic zones of the DPRK side in the East Sea of Korea eight times on July 10 and also warned the US against counter-action.

“ In case of repeated illegal intrusion, the Us  forces will experience a very critical flight.”Kim John Un’s sister reported. She also added that “South Korea had again impudently taken the lead in denying the encroachment on North Korea’s sovereignty and still the nation assert that it was a “normal flight of the ‘ROK’ and the ‘US’.

“Intensified spy activities beyond the wartime level” had been taken by the US espionage aircraft, a spokesperson said. The spokespersons also mentioned that  “ There is no guarantee that such type of shocking and unexpected incident as drowning of the US Air Force strategic reconnaissance plane will not happen in the East Sea Coast of Korea.

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