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West Bengal Panchayat Election Results 2023: TMC sweeps Bengal Rural Poll, BJP distant 2nd

TMC swept the West Bengal panchayat elections by winning 28,985 votes in the West Bengal Panchayat election after scattered violence all over the state.

west bengal pachayet election 2023

The results of the West Bengal panchayat election, 2023: Trinamool won the election by winning 28,985 gram panchayat seats on Tuesday. There are nearly 74,000 seats in West Bengal Panchayat election.TMC has won 2,228-gram panchayat seats, whereas BJP won 203-gram panchayats, congress party 63 and 53 by the Left party.

Of the 341 Panchayat Samities, the TMC has won 114 Panchayat Samities, Bharatiya Janata Party has won 9 Panchayat Samities, and Left Front Party has won three Samitis.

The State Election Commissioner ordered for re-election in 696 booths in nineteen districts of the state for the sporadic violence and the report of capturing the booth during the election on July 8. The re-election was held on Monday till 5 p.m. with a total of 68.85% adult franchise. On Monday, the re-election was started with high security and also 

Central Armed forces were also deployed in the booths, besides state police personnel.

At least 18 persons died, and several people were injured on 8 July during the scattered violence regarding the panchayat election. There was also a catastrophic situation all over the state and a lot of allegations of booth capturing, firing, bombing, and looting of ballot boxes. On the re-election day, election officers were also working overtime to continue the smooth process of voting.

“It’s TMC all the way in rural Bengal. I want to thank the people for their love, affection, and support towards the TMC. This election has proved that only TMC resides in the heart of the people of the state”, the Honourable Chief Minister of the state said in a social media post. She also conveyed much thanks to the people of the state for reposing trust in her.

The main opposition party, BJP, has accused the Trinamool Congress of making desperate attempts to loot votes by stopping opposition from entering counting centres.

Governor CV Ananda Bose will soon submit a report to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah about the ballot box tampering.

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