In a ‘historic’ first, a robot lawyer’ powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to defend a human in US court in a speeding ticket case.

World's first AI-powered ‘robot lawyer’ will defend a human in US court

In the United States next month a court case will be taken by the world’s first ever robot lawyer. The case is regarding a speeding ticket that was issued against the defendant, who will only say what the DoNotPay AI will instruct.

DoNotPay, a legal services chatbot, was founded by Joshua Browder in 2015. The company claims it is now the ‘home’ to the ‘world’s first robot lawyer’.

The hearing of the court will take place in February. Till now, the exact date, location of the court, and the name of the defendant is not disclosed by the robot makers.

The DoNotPay application will listen to all the court arguments in real-time. Much like a human layer, the robot will advise the defendant what to respond via an earpiece. 

The robot maker will also cover the traffic ticket fine if the defendant loses the case.

DoNotPay founder and CEO, Joshua Browder said “We are trying to minimise our legal liability,” in a report by New Scientist.

It takes years of research and development efforts to train and prepare the AI legal assistant.

What is DoNotPay?

DoNotPay, a legal services chatbot, founded in 2015 by Joshua Browder. It is a mobile app that provides legal services with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). DoNotPay services come with a subscription cost of $36 for a period of three months. It helps users to navigate bureaucratic and legal hassles, mostly using conversation templates. The company claims it is now the ‘home’ to the ‘world’s first robot lawyer’.

“The world’s first robot lawyer” will defend a traffic ticket accused in a United States courtroom in February 2023.